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We are a group of fitness professionals looking to help as many people as possible reach their goals. We believe it should be hard work, challenging but most importantly fun! Get in touch if you'd like more info.
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness1 day ago
We may not be dressed as power rangers this week, but the fun and the opportunity to get fitter is still there. 💪🏼Our classes this week

10.45am Balance
12pm Body Pump
6pm Spin

9.15am Body Combat
6.30pm Spin
6.40 Body Attack
7.30pm Pilates

10.45am Pump

6.45am Body Pump
12.30pm Body Balance
5.45pm Body Balance

9.15am Body Attack
10.10am Body Pump
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness2 days ago
Fancy a takeaway but want to cut back on a few calories this weekend? Make it yourself - not the healthiest option but a compromise!

Sweet & sour crispy tofu (could be made with meat!) 🍜

280g Tofu
Fresh ginger
1 red onion
1 sweet pointed pepper
200ml pineapple juice
60ml rice vinegar
60ml tomato ketchup
70g brown sugar
1tsp garlic powder
4 tbsp cornflour
Fry light spray
2 tbsp sesame oil
1/2 tsp chilli flakes
100g pineapple chunks

1. Peel and grate ginger. Finely slice red onion and garlic. Chop pepper into chunks.
2. Put pineapple juice, rice vinegar, ketchup and sugar into saucepan and dissolve the sugar. Allow to to bubble until you have a syprupy sauce.
3. Mix corn flour and garlic powder in a bowl and roll chopped tofu in it.
4. Place the coated tofu in a fry light coated hot pan, and try until brown crispy coating starts to form. Then take off heat and set aside.
5. Heat sesame oil in a pan and add the onion and fry until clear, the add the pepper, chilli flakes, salt, garlic and ginger and allow to cook for 5mins.
6. Add the pineapple and tofu to the vegetables, allow to heat, then finally add sweet and sour sauce and mix through so everything is covered and warm. 👌🏼
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness2 days ago
Failing does not mean you are a failure or have failed. Failing is part of the jourey 😃
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness4 days ago
How has your 2020 started?

Are you feeling strong?

Look at this ox 🐂 Deadlifts are looking mega @charlham300 💪🏽 See you tonight 🔥 #onformfitness
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness shared a post.5 days ago
Fitness has to be serious all the time... 🤥 leave your ego at the door, have some fun and get healthier 💪🏼
On Form Fitness
Bannatyne Health Club & Spa Shrewsbury
The moment our members got to meet our Power Rangers, there was plenty of excitement in the studio. Not everyday you get to see the Power Rangers!! IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!!
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness5 days ago
Happy hump day🍑

This means LEG DAY💫

Here’s a little but very effective lower body workout!

➡️Hip opener & Glute warm up
➡️Leg press x10 reps, 5x sets (each set I added more weight)
➡️Hip thrusts x10 for x3 sets
➡️Back extension- glute targeted (pelvis tucked under & slight flexion in spine) x10 for 3x sets
➡️Banded Adductor pulses x20 for x3 sets

Glute & legs on fire🔥

#onformfitness #caitlinedwardspt

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