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We are a group of fitness professionals looking to help as many people as possible reach their goals. We believe it should be hard work, challenging but most importantly fun! Get in touch if you'd like more info.
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness13 hours ago
The reality of filming your fitness films from home 😂

“Oi” Soz Rod 😂🐶

On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness2 days ago
Back mobility 🤔

A hip bridge can be an exercise that looks very simple, but actually can take a bit of concentration. 🤯

It’s very common from the world we live in, with lots of driving and desk work, to have a tight lower back, that happily moves as one block. Focus when lifting and lowering, on trying to lift and place back down, each vertebrae of your spine, one at a time.🤓

Sorry if you can’t see Dawn here practicing, in her camouflage 🤣🤣
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness2 days ago
We always try and encourage our clients to get into the gym as well as doing classes.

There are many benefits of training at your own speed and being totolly aware of technique.

We love getting a picture like this that proves they’ve been in and there’s even a cheeky foam roller there too 😍 Our mission is to get you in the best condiotion possible. We can only do so much, it takes for you to do the rest!

On Form Fitness - Anything is possible 💜 #onformfitness
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness3 days ago
41 days until the big C 🎅🏼🎄

Starting to thing about gifts? Know someone that wants to get fitter? Or has sessions, but would appreciate more? 🕺🏼💃🏼

Gift vouchers available for personal and group personal training- for home and at Bannatynes. Get in touch for more info 💪🏼
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness4 days ago
#Repost @bdccarpenter - love this! Thank you.
You know what bothered me about the Game Changers documentary line?

You know, the "animals get their protein from plants, why not get your protein straight from the source"? Because it didn't make sense to me. I just don't think the logic is sensible.

If I said "if the animals you eat get their food from eating grass, why not eat grass?" would that make sense?

If plants get nutrition from soil, should we just eat that?

A lot of people at the time took it as me attacking plant based diets which surprised me because I made a point to clarify that plant based diets can be great things. It just doesn't mean that *every* argument in their favour is logical.

When it comes to health benefits (not moral decisions) of plant based diets, I think it is really important to be able to discuss things objectively so people can make their own decisions. That way if they are plant based, they can do it as effectively as possible.

Let's discuss the protein content of common foods, the amino acid content, the side by side trials between different sources of protein, that kind of stuff.

Not random lines that sound catchy but offer little substance.

It may be more difficult for some people to hit high protein targets with plant based sources, as you can see from this image of a small selection of foods.

That definitely doesn't make it impossible and lots of people can report doing just fine with plant based protein sources. They just might require ore planning.

Either way, as with anything in the nutrition field, I think it is important to separate objective information from subjective information.

P.S. on a vaguely related side note, nuts aren't a good source of protein relative to the calories. They are a typically a source of fats, primarily.
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On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness4 days ago
Some more amazing results!

Gemma has been training with @caitlinedwardspt since July and has achieved some incredible results! Slowly and surely body fat has come down and muscle mass has been protected.

Now Gemma went sober for October so this probably helped quite bit as her calorie deficit would have increased HOWEVER Gemma has been committed to her training and consistent with her nutrition. She works insanely hard in all our sessions (1x 1:1 & 1x group pt session/week) and comes in to do her own training as well.

But let’s look past the numbers. Gemma has found a maintainable exercise routine and is in a comfortable place with her nutrition. She has created new healthy habits and knows she can still enjoy a drink and a pizza every now and again. She has found HER healthy lifestyle💪🏼 Well done Gemma!✨ #onformfitness

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