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On Form Fitness

We are a group of fitness professionals looking to help as many people as possible reach their goals. We believe it should be hard work, challenging but most importantly fun! Get in touch if you'd like more info.
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness is in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.23 hours ago

This amazing lady has gone from a size 12 to a size 8 in 9 months!

She’s lost 8kg, gained so much strength, feels amazing & is part of a community of likeminded ladies that are all smashing it together.

Sarah changed the way she ate over time, tracked her calories & mixed up her training. 💪🏽

She learnt about her habits and ways to control the things that were preventing her from the goals that she deserved.

We are now on a fine tuning mission - developing muscle in certain areas, building strength up even more & Kilimanjaro preparation is in full swing too!

Yes lady. Keep up the amazing work 🔥💪🏽
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness2 days ago
SUMMER is just around the corner now! There is no better time than now to start your fitness journey! Train with likeminded people, varied & fun workouts for all levels of fitness and split the cost! Come and join the fun, to get you feeling fit, strong & healthy! Our group PT’s are the perfect place for you 💪🏼 Just drop us a message for more info!
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness2 days ago
Sometimes what seems like stating the obvious is needed, as the obvious can be overlooked 💡

Write down everything you consume as you eat it. Become conscious of what, when and why you eat.

Look at patterns and behaviours that don’t conform with the results that you want.

Start by making small tweaks at a time, to bring this back to what you need to be doing to reach the outcome you’re aiming for. 💪🏼💫
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness3 days ago

As much as I LOVED the #londonmarathon & the massive fitness improvement as a result of 3 run sessions a week, I can honestly say I am so glad to be back to my strength & mobility sessions!

You’ll have a preference in fitness I’m sure, maybe you’ve found it or are still to find it. Either way I’m sure you will have something that you’ll just KNOW is your thing! 💪🏽

Don’t be disheartened if you haven’t found it yet or are struggling to enjoy what you do.

It’ll be on its way to you, keep sampling & adapting what you do.

My all time favourite is a sweaty leg session...

what’s yours?? 🍑💦
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness3 days ago
This weeks classes- what are you going to do out your comfort zone/ beyond your usual routine?

9.30am Ladies that Lift with Ellie
10.45am Body Balance with Sash
12pm Body Pump with Ellie
6pm Spin With Caitlin

6.15am Group PT with Caitlin
7am Group PT with Ellie
9.15am Body Combat with Ellie
6.30pm Spin with Sasha
7.30pm Pilates with Sasha

10.45am Body Pump with Sasha
11.45am Group PT with Sasha
6.00pm Stretch with Caitlin
6.30pm Group PT with Caitlin

6.45am Body Pump with Ellie
7.30am Group PT with Ellie
12.30pm Body Balance with Caitlin
5.45pm Body Balance with Sasha
6.40pm Body Attack with Immy

9.15am Body Attack with Sasha
10.10am Body Pump with Ellie
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness
On Form Fitness shared a memory.3 days ago

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